There are about 800 species of stingless bees (Meliponines) that can be found in tropical regions of the world (Tropical America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia).  In fact stingless bees do have stingers but they are so small that they are ineffective and instead defend their colony by biting.  The stingless bee bite is similar to a mosquito bite.  The stingless bees will nest in open tree cavities, rock crevices or underground openings. They feed on a wide range of plants that enable them to create this particular blend of honey with high medicinal values. They store their flavoursome honey in clusters of small resin pots near the extremities of the nest and the resin adds a wide variety of tangy flavours to the honey.

Health Benefits of Stingless Bee Honey

Stingless bee honey is sometimes known as Mother Medicine and there are an increasing number of traditional practitioners and researchers suggesting its use. Many known health benefits of eating stingless bee honey includes :
• Anti-aging
• Enhanced immune system
• Treating bronchial catarrh
• Prevent sore throat, coughs and colds
• Sooth pain and act as antiseptic
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